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All Your Freedoms All The Time


for US Congress
New Jersey CD 3


Vote Libertarian, end the insanity and do something different.

Libertarians respect individual liberty and a non-aggression principle.

Stop senselesss wars, end the fed, and uphold our rights.

About Christopher


Chris Russomanno is running for congress in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District.


Chris was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. At 17 years old he moved to San Fernando Valley, California where he joined the United States Marine Corps and completed recruit training in San Diego.


During his service he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan and Quantico, Virginia. Chris became a marine security guard and guarded the American Consulate in Saint Petersburg, Russia and the Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


In May of 1995, when his service ended, he came back to live in New Jersey. Chris earned an associate’s degree at Mercer County Community College in Criminal Justice and a bachelor’s degree in law and Justice from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).


After graduating the police academy in April 1999, Chris became a police officer for the City of Trenton. In December 2005, he left Trenton and worked as a police officer for TCNJ. In 2014 he transferred to Ewing Township Police Department where he is currently employed.


Chris is happily married to his lovely wife Trish. In 2006, Trish and Chris married and moved to Bordentown Township where they currently reside. They own two rescued pets, their dog Stella and cat Jackson.

Libertarian Viewpoint

Verifying voter identification and adding third-party candidates to the ballot are crucial in a free and fair election. 

Taxation is theft. Our money should not be taken and used to fund abortion. We deserve to choose who we financially support. 

We must streamline our immigration system. Good people wait years for citizenship, while others illegally cross our border.

The Second Amendment protects our right to keep and bear arms. I will vote to protect our constitutional rights.

Students should pay their own loans, not the taxpayers. Colleges should be on the hook if they default...not us.



Where I Stand

Although there are many important things going on today the three most important things facing our nation today are WAR,  MONEY and our CIVIL RIGHTS.


War is intimately tied to money and constant warfare leads to erosion of our civil rights. Constant warfare impoverishes our nation because in order to pay for the ever increasing expenditures the Federal Reserve must keep printing more money. When The Fed prints more money it causes inflation which decreases the value of the dollar and lowers its purchasing power.


The more wars and foreign interventions we have the more it causes others to hate us. The more others hate us the more people clamor for increased security. The government gives us more security, and takes away our civil rights to do so thereby decreasing our freedoms. This occurs in an endless cycle until we end up where we are now. We are about ready to enter into another war, inflation is through the roof and our own government spies on us.


When the government, or the corporate media, tells you that these things are not happening, that you should not “believe your lying eyes,” just take a look around and it is plain to see. You can see it as we place sanctions on Russia (effectively and act of war), as you put gas into your car at over four dollars a gallon, and as government agencies listen to our phone calls.


Enough is enough. This has got to stop.


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