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With your vote of support, I will work hard to do what is best for Americans and promote freedom, individual responsibility and less government.

Chris Russomanno
for Congress

New Jersey Third Congressional District

The United States is headed in the wrong direction. The cost of living for the nation has skyrocketed and food, fuel and housing are becoming unaffordable. We need to end the federal reserve and stop the rising inflation as a result of printing money at will.


America is funding endless wars and foreign countries. Our resources are being spent on protecting other countries while our own is suffering needlessly.


Our freedoms are eroding, and voices are silenced. Constitutional rights are being trampled on. Censorship is widespread, our Second Amendment rights are constantly threatened, and our Fourth Amendment protections are shrinking.  


It is time to end the fed, stop endless wars and take back our country and our rights.

About Chris

Chris was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. At 17 years old he moved to San Fernando Valley, California.  Two years later, he joined the United States Marine Corps and completed recruit training in San Diego.


During his service he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan and Quantico, Virginia. Chris became a marine security guard and guarded the American Consulate in Saint Petersburg, Russia and the Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


In May of 1995, when his service ended, he came back to live in New Jersey. Chris earned an associate’s degree at Mercer County Community College in Criminal Justice and a bachelor’s degree in law and Justice from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).


After graduating the police academy in April 1999, Chris became a police officer for the City of Trenton. In December 2005, he left Trenton and worked as a police officer for TCNJ. In 2014 he transferred to Ewing Township Police Department where he worked until retirement.


Chris is happily married to his lovely wife Trish. In 2006, the couple moved to Bordentown Township where they currently reside. Together they adopted a rescue dog named Stella.

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